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Bruce Desmarais
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Teaching Materials

Official Secrecy in the United States. [syl]
Political Network Analysis. [syl]
Network Analysis Workshop (Applications in R). [materials]
ICPSR Network Analysis. [materials]
NetInf Workshop for Political Networks and Causality. [materials]
PolNet TERGM Materials[materials]
Odum Networks Class Materials[materials]
GMU TERGM Materials[materials]
Odum ERGM Workshop[materials]
PolNet7 TERGM Materials[Materials]
PolNet10 Introduction to Network Analysis in R[Tutorial]
PolNet12 Introduction to Network Analysis in R[Materials]
ISSR Course[Materials]
Data Matters: Network Analysis [Materials]
Introduction to Quantitative Analysis. [syl]
230 Pond Lab, (814) 863-1595, bdesmarais'at'

Deptartment of Political Science | Institute for Computational and Data Sciences | Penn State